Zachara Lab

The following files contain protocols commonly used in the Zachara Lab.
Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Fractionation from Frozen Cells
Total Cell Lysates (NP-40)
Total Cell Lysates (RIPA)
Total Tissue Lysates
Protein Estimation using the Pierce 660 Reagent
Protein Estimation using the BCA Reagent
Desalting proteins or cell extract with PD10 columns
Desalting proteins with Sephadex G50 (Old School)
Protein Precipitation with Acetone
Protein Precipitation with Methanol
Protein Precipitation with Methanol/Chloroform
Counting Cells: hemocytometer
Harvesting Adherant Cells
Free Glucose: o-toluidine
Counting Cells: Cell TItre 96
Culturing Hybridoma's for antibody production
Antigen Purification of CTD110.6
Coupling Protein to CNBR Activated Sepharose
Ethanol Precipitation of DNA
Phenol Chloroform Minipreps
Making LB and LB Plates
In Gel Digests with Trypsin
In Solution Digests with Trypsin
Staining Protein Gels with Sypro Ruby